UKTC V Rosters

Here are the rosters that people will be using at the weekend – almost Excel files have been uploaded below, and the majority can be seen on this Tableau link, which allows you to quickly browse the rosters. Getting the rosters on to Tableau is an automated process and some of the rosters were  a bit different, or the files were corrupted somehow, so they didn’t all make it on.

Team Country Tableau
Bear Shaved Monkeys Gibraltar  y
Bogey Daverons  Scotland y
Burmayhem Bulls England y
Clique and Destroy!  England y
DBBL: POWS England y
DBL Behemoths England y
DBL Debacle England y
DBL Dreamboats  England  
DBL Legends  England y
Dirty Burgers  Scotland y
Doggy Bag All Stars UAE y
Dragons  Wales y
EATBATs Box Cars England y
EATBATs Snake Eyes England y
Game of Throws  England y
Gazza’s Tears  England y
Geordie Giants  England y
Geordie Outcasts England y
Geordie Rejects England y
Granite City Avengers  Scotland y
Granite City Cutters  Scotland y
Granite City Seagulls  Scotland y
ICE B England y
Italian Lame Stallions  Italy  y
Jock Blockers  Scotland  y
Let’s Get Dangerous Germany y
Midtable Marauders England y
Munich Rumblers Germany y
Nick’n’Block’n’Glory England  
Northern Mercenaries England y
Poetry in Slow Motion England y
Reclaiming Jorvik  Swe/Nor y
Reservoir Dorcs  Denmark y
Retromongeurs in a Popworld Universe (RIAPU)  Basque  
Revolving Retromongeurs       

SAW Losers England y
Shiretown Stuffers England y
Sid’s Balls Scotland y
Talis pater, Qualis filius England y
Team ALFEA Italy y
Team Baguette France y
Team FUMBBL England y
Team HEBBL  Vatican y
Team NRW Germany y
Team One Minute France  y
 Team OTT England y
Team Wales  Wales y
Team Weegie  Scotland y
The Local Yobbs England y
 The Tackle Zone England y
Three Champs and a Chump England y
 3 Men and a little lady England y
Total Reroll and Fame  Germany y
UKBBL Glove England y
UKBBL Hammer England y
UKBBL Teaboy England y
Wibbly Wobbly Wazzocks England  
Woollyback Worldies  England y
WoWLoF Wanderers England y
WYBBL Wanderers England y