Sunday update 1

OK, so the layout’s not great on the tables being published online so we’re switching to publishing on pdf – you can find them here, as previously.  That page will contain latest group and individual standings on pdf, and the latest draw in html for easy searching on mobiles.

Bear in mind that for the group standing the bonus points for team wins are not added to the end (2 for a team win, 1 for a team draw), so that will come into play more today as more of the top teams have draws.  Including possibly our top table (NRW v Chump Champs), who are heading for 4 draws among them!

One of the fun bits going into round 4 is that Bretonnians are on the top and bottom tables, with the 3rd team being somewhere in the middle.  So inconclusive about their power!

We have a French clash on table 2, as they continue to do very well at this event (and most events…).  In the chasing pack are some of the rest of the pre-tournament favourites, with the Norwegian team putting in a strong showing.

Round 4 is after lunch at 12:30, with table 1 on the live stream again, and we will try to make it more stable, both physically and electronically.  Over lunch the judges will be choosing best painted, and here is a sneak preview of some of the teams in contention.

Chaos Pact troll by Skaffen
Deathroller by Folly
Bull Centaur by Goldeneye