Buy UKTC IX Tokens

In 2024 more UKTC swag is available than ever before!

Every UKTC entrant will receive a premium quality Charlie-Victor gift to be revealed at the event.

In addition players attending UKTC will be able to purchase two separate prone/stunned tokens. See below to find out how to buy these tokens.

The two tokens are purchased in advance and will be given to you at the event. One is a purple rat token ideal for use with a Rat Ogre, the other a gold mummy token which could be used for Mummies or Tomb Guardians. Each token is priced at £9.50.

Rules for purchasing tokens:

  • You must be a UKTC IX entrant; tokens cannot be purchased by players who are not attending the event
  • Tokens will be made available on a first-come first-served basis
  • Each entrant may buy a maximum of 4 rat tokens.
  • Each entrant may buy a maximum of 4 mummy tokens
  • Please pay by Paypal to adding a text note with the payment in the correct format as detailed below

Please copy and paste the below to your PayPal note, filling in the blanks:


NAF name:

UKTC team:

Number of Rat Tokens (max 4) :

Number of Mummy Tokens (max 4) :


Cost guide:

£9.50 per token

2 tokens = £19.00

3 tokens = £28.50

4 tokens = £38.00

5 tokens = £47.50

6 tokens = £57.00

7 tokens = £66.50

8 tokens = £76.00

List of players and purchased tokens below

Updated June 18th 2024

Date paidNAF nameTeamRat#Mummy#
21/05/2024FallingdownjoeHell n el productions10
21/05/2024CowdaddySnake eyes and GFIs24
21/05/2024BB_JockMurder Aces22
21/05/2024AmsfeldMurder Kings12
21/05/2024MarkyMarcSeagulls 244
21/05/2024SpoBMidtable Marauders22
21/05/2024SilentknightClaw on Tour11
21/05/2024WarkaSteph and The Baldies23
21/05/2024Everybodysdeaddave/el_spoonioShiretown Stuffers47
21/05/2024Don_VitoSteph and The Baldies10
21/05/2024WillpowerMurder Jacks12
21/05/2024ShriykeSeagulls 212
21/05/2024HardcoreStigGBBL Fellowship11
21/05/2024Stephen82Steph and The Baldies10
21/05/2024MournivalSeagulls 222
21/05/2024FullfatbeardSeagulls 240
21/05/2024Bgmclean2 Up 2 Down23
22/05/2024Chrisraff88Murder Kings04
31/05/2024SpleggyMiss Next Game11
04/06/2024SalontigerSBL Salty Bowlers of London44
07/06/2024TumukingofwuOrcshire Puddings12
08/06/2024SaltyMurcuttSBL Salty Bowlers of London34
10/06/2024BROCKdodgeThe GOBBLers34
12/06/2024BadgieMurder Jokers14
15/06/2024ScouseboyMiss Next Game14
17/06/2024SilkounLes Azes10