This page updated May 7th 2024

The rules have been updated to include Gnomes, new to Blood Bowl in 2024.

That’s in addition to moving the Vampire team into Tier 3, amended in March.


At UKTC, teams of four coaches compete against one another in six rounds of Blood Bowl. Each team member must use a different race from the available options.

UKTC is a “Resurrection” tournament i.e. all players, skills return to their starting status after each game regardless of injuries or any other post match changes.  The first matchups between teams will be drawn randomly, as will the individual matches within each team tie.

In Rounds 2 – 6 teams will be matched against opposing teams with a similar points score based on the overall ranking. This follows the familiar “Swiss” system used in many Blood Bowl tournaments. From here on, individual matches within the team tie will also be allocated using the Swiss system.

Teams earn points as follows each round:

Team Win: 2 Points

Team Tie: 1 Point

Team Loss: 0 Points

A team registers a Win if they collectively win more individual matches than the opposing team. A team registers a Tie if they collectively win exactly the same number of individual matches as the opposing team.  A team registers a Loss if they collectively lose more individual matches than the opposing team.

Teams on the same points during the tournament and for final standings  will be ranked using a system of tiebreakers in the following order:

  • Sum of individual points (2/1/0 for W/D/L)
  • Opponents Score
  • Net team TDs
  • Net team Cas

For the individual prize, players on the same points will be ranked using these tiebreakers in order:

  • Opponents Score
  • Net TDs
  • Net Cas


Roster Building and Upgrades

Each of the 30 races is allocated 1,150,000 gold coins to spend on Roster Building only. Roster building comprises the purchasing of players, sideline staff, rerolls, permitted inducements and dedicated fans.

Permitted inducements are as follows:

If Riotous Rookies are hired, then roll separately before each match and ensure you have identifiable painted miniatures for the extra journeymen.

All other inducements including Star Players are not permitted.

Teams have a separate amount of gold coins to buy Upgrades. The amount available for each race depends on a system of Tiers as shown below:

Available upgrades also depend on Tier, as follows:

Each upgrade is priced as below:

All skills are chosen and not random.

Teams who have access to statistic increases are limited to a maximum of two increases per team.

Players may only be given one upgrade. However, if stacking is permitted then one player per team may be given a maximum of two upgrades.

Any unspent cash from either Roster Building or Upgrades is lost. Teams cannot transfer unused cash from one to the other.

See Games Workshop’s Teams of Legend PDF.

Also see NAF Rules for Tournaments 2023.

Refer to relevant Spike Magazine books alongside BB2020.