Structure and Points Scoring

At UKTC, teams of four coaches compete against one another in six rounds of Blood Bowl. Each team member must use a different race from the 26 available options (see below).

UKTC is a “Resurrection” tournament i.e. all players, skills return to their starting status after each game regardless of injuries or any other post match changes. 

The first matchups between teams will be drawn randomly, as will the individual matches within each team tie.

In Rounds 2 – 6 teams will be matched against opposing teams with a similar points score based on the overall ranking. This follows the familiar “Swiss” system used in many Blood Bowl tournaments. From here on, individual matches within the team tie will also be allocated using the Swiss system.

If there are an odd number of teams, there may need to be one ‘Threesome’ match each round, where three teams are combined together in one match. Each of the 12 players will be paired against an appropriate opponent from a different team according to a set formula. This will be a random three teams in Round 1, and from then on the three lowest ranked teams. You will of course not be drawn to play one of your own team members at any stage, nor will you be asked to play the same individual opponent twice. No two teams will be paired together twice, however it is possible that two teams may find themselves together in the ‘Threesome’ more than once (as much as we will try to avoid this from happening).

Teams earn points as follows each round:

Team Win: 2 Points
Team Tie: 1 Point
Team Loss: 0 Points

A team registers a Win if they collectively win more individual matches than the opposing team. A team registers a Tie if they collectively win exactly the same number of individual matches as the opposing team.  A team registers a Loss if they collectively lose more individual matches than the opposing team.

Individual players earn points as follows:

Individual Win: 2 Points
Individual Tie: 1 Point
Individual Loss: 0 Points

In the event of tied points in the final rankings, a system of tiebreakers will be used for teams and individuals. Slightly different tiebreakers are used throughout the tournament prior to the tournament end. See the table below for all tiebreaker information:

The Penalty Shoot Out will only be used to separate teams and individuals in contention for one of the winners’ prizes, in which (highly unlikely!) event the referees will explain the rules. 

Rosters and Skills

  • The 26 races are split into a system of tiers. Each is allocated a minimum of 1,100,000 gold coins to spend on Roster Building only i.e. players, rerolls, Fan Factor, staff, permitted inducements etc.
  • Each tier has a different amount of gold coins to buy Additional Skills, priced at 20,000 (“normal” access) and 30,000 (“double” access)
  • Individual players may only buy one additional skill (i.e. no stacking)
  • Doubles are limited to one per team other than tier seven who may take as many doubles as they can afford
  • Any unspent gold coins from the available Additional Skill allowance may be added to the Roster Building cash pool to increase it beyond 1,100,000
  • Permitted inducements are: 0-2 Star Players, 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs, 0-3 Bribes, 0-1 Master Chef

Allocation by tier for Roster Building and Additional Skills is detailed below:

Please also note:

  • Wizards, (in)famous coaching staff, mercenaries and Special Play Cards are all explicitly not allowed at UKTC
  • You must have 11 regular rostered players before including Star Player(s) 
  • Any gold which has not been spent on either Roster Building or Additional Skills is lost. All purchases are made before the tournament and remain the same throughout all six games
  • Piling On uses the CRP variant i.e. it does not cost a re-reroll to use the skill
  • If two teams with the same Star Player(s) are drawn against one another in the tournament then both teams may use the Star(s)
  • Only casualties which would accrue star player points are counted (for tiebreaks and the most casualties prize)
  • UKTC will use the Rules for NAF tournaments in full. We will await the November 2020 NAF Rules Review before finalising.



Team Captains are asked to submit all four of their team’s rosters for checking to by a deadline of Saturday January 2nd 2021.

A roster spreadsheet will be made available for download.