At UKTC, teams of four Blood Bowl coaches compete together against other teams of four. Each member of the team must select a different race from the available choices.


We expect roster building rules will follow the rules for the NAF World Cup in Dornbirn 2019. This is in order to provide a pre-World Cup warm up as we build towards the excitement of this enormous international event. We await confirmation of all details from the Dornbirn 2019 team and will publish our final rules on this site as soon as we are able.


All players will be required to submit their rosters in full by a deadline of Monday 7th January 2019. We will provide a spreadsheet template and will ask team captains to complete this in full with information regarding all four members.


The Draw

Each team will compete in 6 rounds of Blood Bowl. Teams are drawn against each other randomly in Round 1 and after that using the Swiss system i.e. matched as closely together as possible by team points ranking. In the team ties the four individuals of each team will be matched against each other; this is done randomly in Round 1, and in later Rounds again using the Swiss system i.e. matched as closely as possible by individual points ranking.


If there is an odd number of teams, there will need to be one ‘Threesome’ match each round, where three teams are combined together in one match. Each of the 12 players will be paired against an appropriate opponent from a different team according to a set formula. This will be a random three teams in Round 1, and from then on the three lowest ranked teams. You will of course not be drawn to play one of your own team members at any stage, nor will you be asked to play the same individual opponent twice. No two teams will be paired together twice, however it is possible that two teams may find themselves together in the ‘Threesome’ more than once (as much as we will try to avoid this from happening).



As with the roster building rules, we expect the rules for scoring to follow the rules for the NAF World Cup in Dornbirn 2019. Information will be provided when available.