See current list of UKTC V registered teams at the bottom of this page

All teams register with one single payment and they should nominate a captain to collect funds from the members of the team.

The un-discounted cost of tournament entry is £200 per team of four players (£50 each). However, teams which register before October 1st 2018 will receive a £20 discount and therefore need only pay £180 per team (£45 each).

Payments should be made by PayPal, specifying a ‘gift’ payment where possible to the following address:

On sending a payment the captain should also provide the following information:

  • Which nation the team represents, either from within the UK (Wales, Scotland etc.), or if the team has travelled from overseas
  • The four NAF names & NAF numbers of the members of the team
  • A suitably family-friendly team name (the event will be open to the wider public to attend, including children and families)

The captain will also be the main point of contact for the team prior to and during the event. He or she will have responsibility for completing results sheets throughout the tournament and keeping their team mates on track with timings.

Unfortunately refunds cannot be offered due to the financial planning and potential risks involved in running a large event of this kind independently. If a team member drops out, you should hopefully be able to replace him or her with another willing participant. If you have any difficulty finding a replacement team member please contact us. Use for this purpose or if you need to get in touch for any other reason.

As a goodwill gesture to encourage new players, those who are not NAF members (and have not previously been a member) will be offered free NAF membership, paid for from the tournament funds.

Due to limited space the tournament is restricted to a maximum of 240 players, therefore 60 teams. The previous two years the tournament has sold out in full several months before the tournament date; we feel it is likely that this will happen again. Our advice is not to delay in getting a team together as you may be disappointed.


Registration is Open Now!


List of Registered Teams (23/60):


Let’s Get Dangerous! – Sprinter (capt.), Baki, Endro, Kuei-Jin

Team NRW – Arioso (capt.), Rotersternhochdahl, PeterD, DocMaxx

Total Reroll and Fame – Twyllenimor (capt.), Caid, Junior84 +1


Burmayhem Bulls– Gorgoroth (capt.), Deacon, Monkeyjuice, Cyclone

Clique and Destroy! – Joemanji (capt.), Geggster, Lycos, Purplegoo

Doubleskulls & co.– Deeferdan, JBone +2

Gazza’s Tears – Don_Vito (capt.), Winkle_Picka, Podfrey, Stick_with_poo_on_the_end

Geordie Giants – Peo2223 (capt.), Wookie1972, Tablet, Scally

ICE B – Itchen (capt.), Cerumol, Evilsquall, Barmution

Midtable Marauders– Fireolli (capt.), Ratman, Ringbeard, Firebreather

SAW Losers– Sann0638 (capt.), Admiral90, Andswin, Ronaldbeanio

Talis pater, Qualis filius– PeteW (capt.), ThomasW, MrFrodo, BDOW

Team Name TBC– Zerosgiven (capt.), Leap, DaveTheImpaired, JayHeretic

The Tackle Zone – Wulfyn (capt.), Choidivision, Ooarrtracter, Vmcat

UKBBL – Team Glove– Gcoleman76 (capt.), Charliebanks, Ugnash, Khornight

UKBBL – Team Hammer– Thyrus (capt.), Jimbodeany, Stuartddj, PhilipProctor

UKBBL – Team Teaboy– Shaeffer (capt., new NAF), TJ_Nataku, Hardcore_Stig, Doug Lowe


Team Wales – 20phoenix (capt.), AndyDavo, Hawca, Dionysian

Team One Minute– Justicium (capt.), Bourpif, Bibi, Sladmortis

Teams “Vinderholdet” and “Taberholdet” (x2 teams) – Straume, Tripleskull, MissSweden, Topper, Jaqra, Tank, Mr Cappuccino, Pipey


Dirty Burgers – Purdindas (capt.), Sadface, HumptyTrump, Garrick

Granite City Cutters – Fromherashes (capt.), GrumpyMaestro, Jaycee, Rossanderson1984