Prizes and Trophies

Update 19th October 2018: all UKTC entrants will receive a Big Guy Prone/Stunned marker at the tournament!

Below is a prototype sample of the marker which is 34mm square (exactly the same size as the new BB2016 board squares) in three colours and silver style finish.

We also expect to be able to provide trophies in the following categories:

  • UKTC Winning Team
  • UKTC Runner-up Team
  • UKTC Third placed Team
  • Individual Winner (MVP)
  • Best Painted Team (individual)
  • Stunty Cup (highest placed individual using Ogres, Halflings or Goblins; this year Underworld teams will be eligible for the Stunty Cup provided none of the 0-2 skaven positionals are selected)
  • Most Touchdowns
  • Most Casualties (only casualties that would yield SPPs are counted)


The winning team will also be offered free tickets to the German Team Bowl in September 2019.


2018’s winning team “Three Champs and a Chump” took home four engraved UKTC Winners’ tankards

(as well as custom pitches, Winners’ dice cups and free GTB entry)