Pre-Tournament Hype 1

It’s the week of the UK Team Championship, the draw has been done but is not yet public, the teams and race choices are in, and last-minute roster preparation is being done.  Let’s have a quick rundown of the event!

The History shows that you would be foolish to bet against a continental team taking the trophy – but will it be the French or the Spanish?  The Italian contingent is new NAF players led by the amazing MaD Matteo, of Matteo’s world tour fame (one of the few to have played all the Majors!), but will his inspiring leadership be enough?

Last year in action

That said, there are some serious (and not so serious) British teams.  Clique and Destroy are Team England stalwarts by another name, as are Gazza’s Tears, and the Scottish and Welsh Eurobowl teams are also represented.  Online play will also prove critical, with Team Fantastic and UKBBL West in particular a definite threat.

Moving potentially down the table, there are some serious initials represented by the HDSWBBL crew, podcasters in the delicately named Chat Shit Get Banged and Hard6, and a decent chunk of new NAF players, any of which could prove to be hardened veterans of tabletop league play or online competition.

Follow this website over the weekend for more reportage from your fearless reporter, including live streaming with commentary at, assuming the technology doesn’t do a bunk.