Draws and Results

Final UKTC 2022 Results


Final Team Results UKTC VII 2022


Final Individual Results UKTC VII 2022

(Races for each player can be viewed on the Registration page)


Stunty Cup Rankings Final UKTC VII 2022

(Stunty players ranked in order separate from the full individual ranking)


UKTC VII 2022 Teams of Three

(Some teams had to start the tournament with only three players and forfeited one match per round – interesting to see how they fared despite the handicap)


Best Painted Team Winner:

Jackal (Necromantic) – DBL Moderate Effort


Most Casualties:

Varagh (30) – Retromonguer 3


Most Toucdowns:

Lemmiwinks (18) – Foxy and the Hounds


Draw for Round 1

Draw for Round 2

Draw for Round 3

Draw for Round 4

Draw for Round 5

Draw for Round 6