draft rules 23.2.21

Roster Building and Upgrades

Each of the 29 races is allocated 1,150,000 gold coins to spend on Roster Building only. Roster building comprises the purchasing of players, sideline staff, rerolls, permitted inducements and dedicated fans.

Permitted inducements are as follows:

If Riotous Rookies are hired, then roll separately before each match and ensure you have identifiable painted miniatures for the extra journeymen.

All other inducements including Star Players are not permitted.

Teams have a separate amount of gold coins to buy Upgrades. The amount available for each race depends on a system of Tiers as shown below:

Available upgrades also depend on Tier, as follows:

Each upgrade is priced as below:

All skills are chosen and not random.

Teams who have access to statistic increases are limited to a maximum of two increases per team.

Players may only be given one upgrade. However, if stacking is permitted then one player per team may be given a maximum of two upgrades.

Any unspent cash from either Roster Building or Upgrades is lost. Teams cannot transfer unused cash from one to the other.