*Update 5th July 2020*

Hi everyone

After considerable deliberation in the past weeks and months, I’ve taken the decision to postpone UKTC VII (scheduled for January 2021) for one year.

UKTC VII will be back in mid January 2022. I will provide a confirmed date asap when I’m able.

At this precise moment holding an event like UKTC would be acting against government policy re covid19. I understand those restrictions may be relaxed as the winter approaches, though there is also the possibility of renewed lockdown rules e.g. through increased risk to vulnerable people in winter, or a possible second wave.

All of which means there will be considerable uncertainty about the event. Restrictions/uncertainties about foreign travel are a big factor too.

A distanced, mask wearing event might be achievable in theory. Though it would introduce significant logistical problems. And it wouldn’t feel right to be honest.

The financial model with a large university event is quite precarious and if the event didn’t hit the 200 or so players expected then it could leave us (me!) considerably out of pocket.

In sum, the time just isn’t right. So I look forward to getting UKTC back on the road in 2022.

Sad to have had to take this step. But I think it’s the right choice.

Take care all and see you soon.

Bren / Pipey


Welcome to the United Kingdom Team Challenge, the biggest annual Blood Bowl tournament in the world!

This year 272 Blood Bowl coaches took part in one of the biggest celebrations of Blood Bowl the UK has ever seen. We will be doing the same in 2021 and hope you will join us. 

UKTC VII will be held on  January 9th and 10th 2021  once again at York University with a huge capacity of 272 players (68 teams). Interested teams shouldn’t delay as we almost always sell out many weeks before the tournament date.

Hope to see you there!

The UK Team Challenge is a Blood Bowl tournament held each January in York, England.

Blood Bowl is Games Workshop’s game of fantasy football and UKTC is a NAF sanctioned event.

At UKTC teams of four players compete together for the prestigious title. The tournament attracts an international field of Blood Bowl players with nearly 300 players taking part each year from all over the UK and Europe.

All information and rules for the tournament can now be found here on our website. Registration is open now, with a full list of signed up teams here

Also see forum discussions and chat on TalkFantasyFootball.