UKTC update March 5th 2024:


A few things to make you aware of with the event a few months away…


We have 79 teams registered; 9 places left. See the registration page if you are interested in signing up.


The rules have been updated moving the new Vampire team into Tier 3. We received a number of enquiries about this and hope this addresses things to your satisfaction!


Regarding UKTC gifts and swag


1) There will be a **limited edition premium quality Charlie Victor gift for every UKTC IX entrant**.


2) There will be a chance for UKTC entrants to purchase **two further unique UKTC tokens**. These will complement previous UKTC gifts perfectly with a similar design and theme. Expect more details on this later in the spring.






The UK Team Challenge is a Blood Bowl tournament held in York, England. UKTC 2024 will be held on 24th and 25 August 2024.

Blood Bowl is Games Workshop’s game of fantasy football and UKTC is a NAF sanctioned event.

At UKTC teams of four players compete together for the prestigious title. Each year the tournament attracts an international field of Blood Bowl players from all over the UK and Europe.

All information and rules for the tournament can be found here on our website.

Also see forum discussions and chat on TalkFantasyFootball.

As well as UKTC’s Facebook page.


UKTC VIII 2023 Champions “Lutece Noobs” (Nicap, Maitre_tactac, Zahiko, Sladmortis) celebrate their victory in style!