Update Thurs March 30th 2023:

Announcing these traders will be present at the event:

Charlie Victor Products


Haychdee will also be offering stars and big guys from Brutefun

You’ll also be able to pick up the original UKTC ball token via the UKTC refs, or via Haychdee’s stall.











PITCHES ARE PROVIDED for all tables 

A first round draw is expected tomorrow morning Fri 31st March

See you at registration (only Captains need to stand in line to confirm the team is present)!


Teams on the registration page are fully up to date as of 24.3.23. It’s taken a few days to finalise. Thanks for your patience!

There are 86 teams, 344 players.

The race breakdown is as follows:

Orcs 41
Skaven 26
Lizardmen 24
Dark Elves 20
Shambling Undead 19
Chaos Renegades 16
Elven Union 16
Underworld 14
Humans 13
Snotlings 13
Tomb Kings 13
Khorne 12
Necromantic Horror 12
High Elves 11
Amazons 10
Chaos Dwarf 9
Imperial Nobility 9
Slann 9
Dwarf 8
Norse 8
Black Orcs 7
Goblins 7
Wood Elf 7
Ogres 6
Halflings 5
Nurgle 5
Chaos Chosen 2
Vampires 2


The UK Team Challenge is a Blood Bowl tournament held in York, England. UKTC 2023 will be held on 1/2 April 2023.

Blood Bowl is Games Workshop’s game of fantasy football and UKTC is a NAF sanctioned event.

At UKTC teams of four players compete together for the prestigious title. Each year the tournament attracts an international field of Blood Bowl players from all over the UK and Europe.

All information and rules for the tournament can be found here on our website.

Also see forum discussions and chat on TalkFantasyFootball.

As well as UKTC’s Facebook page.